Live Streaming & On Demand Video Classes

Live Streaming Online Classes

Zoom Live Streaming – Group Classes and One to One Private Training

I am now offering Online Live Streaming classes – perfect for anyone who can not attend a class at our studio  – no matter where you are!

Every Class is taught to you just like in our Studio and are designed to stretch and strengthen, engage and inspire. I can see you exercising and ensure you are doing each exercise correctly, just like a regular studio class!

If you don’t have video or audio, you can just watch me as the class progresses.

For class schedules and to book

How to join a class?

Choose a class from the Booking Page for either a Casual Class or Online Pass, then pick a class session from the timetable. If don’t have an online pass you will be ask to purchase a pass in the booking confirmation panel.

  • Casual Class $15 per session
  • 10 Class Pass $120 for 10 sessions
  • Week Pass Unlimited classes per day and week for only $29 per week on our direct debit membership

Classes will be limited to 15 people per class, and you can book for each class until 60 minutes before class starts. I am keeping class schedules similar to my previous studio timetable and also be offering some additional classes.

Just book a class and download the ZOOM app for your computer or mobile device. Click here for instructions – its easy!

New Students

If you are a new Student, please go to my Classes page to find out which classes may suit you or call me for a chat.

Before your first class, I like to talk to each new student to find out their previous experience, any injuries you may have and to check your posture alignment.

This is an essential step in my understanding of your body and training.

With our online classes, I will require you to do a one time only online meeting with me.


Some class may require equipment or you may like to purchase or borrow equipment. Please call me.

Pilates Matt Work & Postnatal Pilates – For Pilates class, you will need a matt also, if you have them TheraBands.

Tone – For tone class, you will need a mat and weights also, if you have them TheraBands.

Barre Attack – you will need a mat, towel and kitchen chair. We will be replacing the Barre with a kitchen chair and I will be modifying some exercises to suit.

Prenatal Pilates – you will need a SwissBall.

Park Popup classes – Marrickville

PLEASE NOTE: These classes are not availabe at present. Will resumeonce government restrictions are lifted.

I will be running classes in the park for 10 people or less. If you would like to attend a popup class, you can Book here or use your existing pass. Please join my private Facebook page popupclassesinthepark. Here we can discuss class details, including Park Location and if a class is cancelled due to bad weather.

Pilates – For pilates class, you will need a matt and towel and if you have TheraBands, bring them too.

Tone Classes – For tone class, you will need a mat, towel and weights if needed, you can borrow the weights from my studio or purchase them here. If you have TheraBands, bring them too.

BarrAttack – you will need a mat, towel and TheraBand. This class will be to music, and we will be using the park fence instead of the Barre.

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